Virtuous Pie 

583 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V1, Canada



If you don't like shared tables and being seated next to strangers, maybe this place isn't the one for you and get a slice to go. Seating is first come first serve and it is a busy place so you often will have to share a table. That being said the interior features plenty of natural light in a modern, open space with loads of plants and artwork by local artists. 


This pizza and ice cream restaurant (um, hello heaven) is all about creating food that not only tastes good but supports a happy, healthy planet and is also good for your body too, with all the menu being vegan. All their delicious pizzas and ice cream are plant-based and created by their in-house team as well as their ingredients being sourced from local growers and suppliers. 

For more information visit their website here.

stanley park 

THE views

I couldn't not include Stanley Park in this city guide, situated on the edge of downtown it is one of the city's main tourist destinations and it's no wonder why. We cycled around the whole of the park in three hours (with lots and lots of stops along the way, you could do it in an hour or so if not) and I was honestly delirious from the views by the end of it. It was breathtaking and a tranquil oasis from the busy city. The views are ridiculously beautiful and you'll find yourself stopping to soak them in and take pictures frequently. You're even likely to see a raccoon or two if you're lucky!

For more information visit their website here.

pallets coffee roasters 

323 Semlin Drive, Vancouver BC 



Pallets Coffee Roasters is a micro-roastery and cafe in East Vancouver (or east village as the locals say.) The area itself is a mix of industrial, residential and retail and the cafe has already been voted number one coffee roaster in Vancouver so definitely worth the visit if you're a coffee enthusiast visiting the city. 


Their approach to serving coffee at Pallets is all about transparency and quality, they realise some customers will just want to enjoy their cup and that's is but if you are interested in learning more and want further information they will happily explain the coffees origin, how it was processed and even details about the individual producer. The coffee menu is diverse but simple with them preferring quality and not quantity. 

For more information visit their website here.

parallel 49 brewing company 

1950 Triumph St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1K5, Canada


THE story

I could've easily spent all evenings here sampling all the delicious beers they have to offer, Parallel 49 is a brewery that strives to create clever, innovative beers and boy, have they succeeded. Founded in 2012, Parallel 49 has already a big rep in Vancouver and has several awards under its belt. 

THE beer 

You can book a tour of the brewery for free that includes beer tasting and you can also get beer paddles where you can try four halves of your choice off the menu (but be warned, don't slide your paddle or you'll have beer spilt all over the table!)  This is the best way to try all the options available and they have printed menus so take a pen and you can write all your favourites and score them if you wish, something we did which definitely got more generous as the night went along! 

THE atmosphere

You can tell the brewery is a craft beer Mecca in the city as soon as you walk in, with tables full and a bustling atmosphere. They have a food truck inside too selling yummy street food like fried chicken, doughnuts and other snacking options which are perfect to keep you going with all the different beers you'll be tasting. 

For more information visit their website here.

quarry rock 

Baden Powell Trail, North Vancouver,

BC V7G 1V6, Canada

THE hike

Just off the shores of the Deep Cove in North Vancouver sits Quarry Rock, an easy hiking trail with dense wooded areas and the beautiful smell of fresh forest air. The hike is just over two miles and takes around an hour, once you get to the top you get to a huge solid rock you can sit and relax on and enjoy the amazing views. On a clear, warm day you could easily sit for hours observing the tiny boats and scenic surroundings before heading back down. Quarry Rock is just over 30 minutes from the centre of the city but there are lots of options taking public transport. After your hike make sure you explore Gallant Avenue for some hidden gems of shops and small cafes, see below for more. 

For more information visit their website here.


4389 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver,

BC V7G 1L1, Canada


THE shop

The most exquisite, contemporary, sustainable gift shop which I could've spent a fortune in. Megan, the owner and force behind this calming shop is a delight and fully committed to selling beautiful gifts that don't jeopardise the environment. There is a wonderful selection of clothing, beauty and home decor in this concept store and is definitely worth a browse after your hike of Quarry Rock. 

For more information visit their website here.


780 E Cordova St, Vancouver,

BC V6A 1M3, Canada



MakerLabs is a space in Vancouver that provides you with tools, space and skills to make almost anything. It was born out of a vision to create the best possible space for making things and is a huge 42,000 square feet of workshops, studios and common areas for people to meet and be inspired by one another. This amazing community space boasts laser cutters, sewing machines, wood and metal shops and I was amazed walking in and immediately felt inspired to create. MakerLabs nurtures an environment where makers can meet, learn and create, as well as exchange knowledge, help each other and collaborate. 

For more information visit their website here.

Luppolo Brewing Co. 

1123 Venables St, Vancouver,

BC V6A 2C6, Canada


THE story

Another brewery recommendation because you really are spoilt for choice in Vancouver! Luppolo Brewing Co. is owned by two couples that have been friends for over 20 years. Their shared love for beer and entertaining led to the dream of opening their own brewery and being part of Vancouver's craft beer revolution. Open since 2016, the brewery offers a relatively small menu, maintaining a selection of 8 beers but the quality is out of this world! 

THE beers 

At Luppolo they believe experimentation is the key to developing interesting beers and while they craft classic ales and lagers they also spend a lot of time researching and investigating lesser known styles and hybrids. The beers they offer are constantly changing, keeping their customers thirsty for new and exciting beer flavours. 

THE atmosphere

As well as their beer, Luppolo equally value the importance of atmosphere in their brewery. It has a warm and welcoming environment and feels like a home away from home. With two of the owners having Italian heritage the brewery's values are quality, craftsmanship, community and family. 

For more information visit their website here.