It's that time again! A whole outfit for £10 or less, in this case this look was actually less than a fiver. So. Good. It's unreal you can go out shopping and buy a full look for less than your lunch. The whole point of this feature is to show what you can get by going charity shopping, the pros of charity shopping are endless - not only are you helping amazing charities get their funds, you are supporting sustainable fashion, charities and giving other people's cast offs a new lease of life. Of course, you're saving yourself some cash too, which is always a good thing. Especially if you like to have a fast-fashion wardrobe where you don't tend to wear things over and over, charity shopping ensures you're getting new pieces without breaking the bank. Win, win.


I know some people are a bit weird about wearing someones old clothes but seriously, wash them once you've got them home, you'll survive. I've found some absolute gems in charity shops, some of my favourite ever pieces in fact! Including a Tommy Hilfiger jacket for £6, a leopard shirt I wear endlessly and some KILLER bags and various other accessories. 


Like they say, another woman's trash is another woman's treasure! 


 This particular outfit was actually less than a fiver. The total price for the top, skirt and earrings was £4.50 - can you believe that! I realise that the outfit is nothing special, but if I'm honest I was looking for a cheap outfit to wear for a night out; something simple and easy to wear. To end up with a whole outfit for less than a bevy is kind of crazy, simple or not. My favourite piece are the earrings, they're crazy statement and something I will definitely get a lot more wear out of. 


I challenge you to go to your local charity shop and have a rummage, you never know what you'll find while also being an lovely, sensible, sustainable human! Hope you enjoyed this one and see you soon for another #StyleMeFor10.