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Last month we caught up with freshly graduated and incredibly talented Naomi Davies. We discovered Naomi through Depop, immediately buying the Jeremy Corbyn print and squealing with joy when it arrived, adding it to our feature wall as soon as. She is growing in success on Depop, where she sells various prints from animals, to political leaders and will even create bespoke commissions. From discussing politics, future plans and of course, Pokemon Go, she tells LHYH all.  

So how  did  you  get  started  as  an  illustrator?

During  school  when  we  had  to  pick  our  choices  for  GCSE  I  chose  textiles  but  after hearing  friends  talk  about  their  graphic  design  class  I  pretty  soon  dropped  textiles  and switched  to  graphic  design.  That’s  where  it  all  started.....


How  did  you  find  your  style?  

I  used  to  doodle.  A  lot!


Is your  personality  reflected  in  your  work?  

Some  of  your  recent  work  references  politics  and  have  a  slight  rebellious  feel.  Was  this deliberate?  I  guess  so  yeah.  I  only  took  a  recent  interest  in  politics  but  I  wouldn’t  say

I was  rebellious  I  just  kind  of  challenge  authority.  At  work  I  treat  everybody  the  same, even  if  you’re  a  manager  or  whatever  I’ll  give  you  abuse,  as  a  joke  obviously!  


So,  what  is  the  ultimate  message  in  your  Sex,  Dicks  and  Politics  series?  What

message  do  you  tell  in  your  work?  

To  get  young  people  (14­‐25  year  olds)  interested  in  Politics.  The  idea  of  getting  into  a bit  of  trouble  to  have  my  design  work  out  there  that  actually  makes  a  difference  to  the world,  turns  heads  and  gets  people  talking  would  be  more  than  worth  the  punishment.


Who  inspires  you?

Faye  Halliday

Luke  Kennealey

Luke  Dixon

Tobias  Illustrations

Tash  Willcocks


Your  work  is  often  based  on  strong  concepts  and  direct  language,  especially  in  Sex,  

Dicks  &  Politics.  It’s  interesting  that  it  seems  for  you,  the  content  is  sometimes  more  

important  than  the  visual  representation  of  it.  Do  you  have  a  process  for  developing  

your  ideas?

If  you  don’t  get  a  solid  message  to  work  with  before  you  begin  designing,  the

outcomes  are  going  to  be  a  waste  of  time.  I  decide  what  concept  is  going  to  be  first then  ask  myself  where  can  I  take  it?  I  often  use  guerilla  marketing,  I  love  something people  can  interact  with.  I  try  and  think  of  different  ways  I  can  grab  people’s  attention.  

What  advise  would  you  give  to  someone  just  starting  out?  

It’s  much  harder  than  most  people  think  it  is.  It’s  a  lot  of  work.  What  you  get  out  of  it is  as  much  as  you  put  in.  I’m  a  firm  believer  in  that.  If  you  don’t  put  a  lot  of  effort  in, the  outcome  won’t  be  very  good!  Feedback  is  always  good  too.  


What’s  the  best  advice  you’ve  ever  received  from  someone  within  the  industry?  

The  most  frequent  piece  of  advice  is  do  something  that  you  enjoy  doing.  I  started selling  my  drawings  on  Depop  while  I  worked  at  McDonalds.  I  just  hated  it  and  was getting  so  many  messages  on  Depop  off  people  telling  me  how  much  they  liked  my work.  Then  I’d  go  to  my  job  and  be  sat  there  cleaning  a  door  or  something  and  I  just asked  myself  why  am  I  here?!  It  was  so  sudden.  I  was  making  enough  from  my  prints to  not  have  to  go  there  so  after  that  I  was  gone.  

Do  you  have  any  projects  your  working  on  that  we  should  look  out  for?  

I’m  just  generally  trying  to  get  my  work  out  there. I’m  trying  to  think  of  different  ways

to  get  noticed.  I  was  thinking  about  placing  lots  of  little  A6  prints  in  places  but  when 

I  thought  what  if  I  get  in  trouble?!  

Okay,  enough  of  the  serious  stuff.  Give  us  3  constants  in  your  life

Depop.  I  wake  up  in  the  morning  and  follow  LOADS  of  people,  before  I  go  to  bed

too.  I  follow  about  1k  a  day.  Coffee too.  

Dedication!  Where’s  your  favourite  place  to  eat  in  Manchester?  

Pedro’s  Part  Time  Pizza  is  pretty  cool.  I’ve  eaten  there  way  too  much  recently.  I  like the  cake  at  Home  Sweet  Home  too,  the  slices  are  so  big!  I  swear  they’ve  got  bigger recently!


What’s  your  favourite  type  of  pen  to  draw  with?  

I  used  to  draw  with  B-5  tec  point  fineliners  when  I  first  started.  I  don’t  use  them  as much  anymore.  I  bought  this  packet  of  different  point  sizes  and  there  was  one  that was  a  0.05mm  nib.  It  was  tiny  and  I  was  like  YES!  So  much  detail.  I  use  0.1mm  

the  most  though  I’d  say.  

What  is  your  favourite  thing  about  humanity?  

Pokemon  Go.  Seeing  so  much  support  for  Jeremy  Corbyn  makes  me  really  happy 

too.  I  can’t  believe  so  many  people  hate  him.  I  hate  seeing  the  country  so  divided.  

If  you’d  like  to  buy  some  of  Naomi’s  prints  contact her through @depop:


Follow  her  on  instagram  



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