Pregnancy Tips

October 18, 2019



 While you're embarking on the crazy rollercoaster that is pregnancy you learn a hell of a lot over the nine months, here's some tips I have come up with: 


1. The more nappies you buy the better, don't feel like you can have too many!! And sleepsuits! 


2. Preparation is key - write a big list of everything you feel you need to do before the babies arrival and priorities. 


3. Take all the baby clothes friends and relatives offer you, they're so helpful and it's good to have a selection of sizes for your baby. You don't know what size the little bubba is going to be when they come into the world. We had loads of cute newborn clothes that our little one just didn't fit into when she was born, she skipped the newborn size so it was super helpful that we had 0-3 month sizes ready.


4. Talking of clothes, sizes vary so much depending on what shop you're in. Pack a few sizes in your hospital bag just to be prepared. 




5. When you're pregnant you get all sorts of comments about your body. people will talk about your body as if it's a utensil and it's a lot to get used to. Not that you should! No matter what, you will have either too small of a bump, too big, be all front, have a neat bump, all sorts. If you have the energy kindly tell them not to comment on your body or if not, take no bloody notice and try not to let it affect you. 


6. Also, complete strangers will touch your bump unannounced. Apparently when you're pregnant you're open to members of the public! 


7. On a similar note, you will also have to prepare for a lot of opinions, advice and "when I was pregnant.." Normally without asking a thing and this does get a little tiresome, especially as you get further along in your pregnancy and your patience is running thin!


8. Tears will roll, often for no reason at all! Just let it out and try not to feel embarrassed. Having ice cream or your favourite sweet treat on hand at all times also helps.  


9. Try to do things that you love do it that might not be possible with a newborn. For example, a long candle-lit bubble bath, or long lunches with your friends. 


10. Also, rest. Enjoy relaxing while you can, enjoy doing nothing and lying (on your side) and just chilling out. You will mourn it if you're anything like me. 


11. If you can afford to and/or have time, take a trip away either with your partner,  by yourself if you're a single parent or with a friend or family member. It's lovely to have that time to process what's about to happen and prepare for your life changes. 


12. Try to mentally prepare. This is so much more easy said than done and I'm not really sure if you can truly prepare for this amazing life change but try to get in the mindset that your life to about to change dramatically. Preparing mentally will depend from person to person, it could be practicing mindfulness, talking with your loved ones about how you feel or simply listening to podcasts from other women about their experiences. Anything that feels right for you. 


13. Organise your wardrobe. It really got me down looking at all the clothes knowing I couldn't fit into a good 90% of it and wouldn't be able to for the foreseeable future. I left out the stuff I knew would fit me and brought out my more comfy clothes that I would be wearing after birth as well as all my maternity stuff. If you can I would definitely treat yourself to some new bits, things that make you feel comfortable but also feel good about yourself! 





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