Hailing from L.A, Allah-Las are part of a musical movement that has been growing in popularity for some time and has flourished since the band formed in 2008. This movement is epitomised by the sound of Allah-Las; heady, psychedelic and melodic yet somewhat raw and honest, they wouldn't sound completely out of place in compilation of psych bands from the 60's!

Their most recent album, Calico Review, was released in September this year with great acclaim from many critics. They are currently touring in support of their album release. When we heard they would be performing at a venue so close to home, the awesome O2 Ritz, we immediately grabbed ourselves some tickets.

After heading for a few drinks at The Temple (one of our favourite drinking spots in Manchester, check it our here), we all walked down to the venue together, eager to see what Allah-Las had to offer as a live performance, they didn't disappoint.

They were the only band to play that evening they opened slightly anti-climactically, with the relaxed vintage guitar tones paving the way and adjusting our ears gently for the more energetic songs to come later in the evening. They showcased a mix of songs from both their newest album and previous albums which are all quite different, but they blended from one tune to the next seemlessly. The sound coming from the stage was honed to perfection as the members swapped instruments for various songs, including swapping drummer and lead guitar! 

The atmosphere was leisurely but not lacking in energy when it needed to be, it was all over a very chilled our and enjoyable performance and it left as both wanting to go guitar shopping after hearing what they achieve with theirs!